Spanish-Language Books for Children
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We Are Open!

It is with great pleasure that I present to you ¡CHAU, LUNA!* a collection of Spanish-language books carefully curated to capture the imagination of bilingual children, parents and teachers living in the US.

Please come to our first sales event and browse through original and hard-to-find board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books, comics and activity books. Our nonfiction titles explore topics popular with young readers, and a selection of Common Core-related material seeks to aid teachers in dual-language programs. 


WHEN:      SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20th     2pm to 6pm

WHERE:    Brooklyn Center Stage

                  495 Third Avenue (corner of 11th St)

                  Brooklyn, NY 11218


Most of our collection will be available online and we will be hosting book fairs in schools throughout New York City. But come to the launch party and see all we've got!


¡Chau, Luna! (Bye-Bye, Moon!) celebrates that magic moment in childhood when we acknowledge the moon as a loyal companion, a light that is always there, shining amid all the darkness. The good book, to me, is that light. —Ximena

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