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Ivanke y Mey


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A paper plane travels from page to page encountering children from all over the world. Children introduce themselves with something they like about themselves, and they wish for the plane to travel to another kid just like them. And the plane does. A beautiful book to help children assert themselves and explore the cultural diversity worldwide. A bookmark with a sturdy cardboard paper plane serves as guide for this journey. Great for preschool and PreK classes.

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De mano en mano, este pequeño avión pasa con un deseo: ser recibido por alguien tan similar y tan diferente del que lo envió. Tiralo al aire... dejalo dar la vuelta al mundo y volver a vos. Ages 2-5 

Catapulta Jr. (2019) 20pp. ISBN 9789876377843

20 x 20 cm

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