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Todos somos diferentes
Tracey Turner/Åsa Gilland

Todos somos diferentes

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Meet the children from one school, and their teachers, parents, and guardians. They have different kinds of families, likes and dislikes, cultures, ethnicities, abilities and disabilities... and A LOT in common!

There are BILLIONS of wonderful ways to be human―as many ways as there are people on this planet. We Are All Different is an inspiring celebration of our shared individuality. Written by Tracey Turner in collaboration with the Inclusive Minds organization. Ages 6+

Hay niñas y niños con diferentes gustos y capacidades, los hay que vienen de muy lejos, son de otra raza, tienen otra cultura o han crecido en familias poco convencionales. Pero todos tienen algo que ofrecer, la diversidad enriquece y, al final, es mucho más lo que une que lo que separa. Empezar a leer

Anaya (2022) Hardcover 48 p. ISBN 9788469890837

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