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¿Cara de qué?
Ivanke y Mey

¿Cara de qué?

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An interactive book to help children name and describe their emotions. Kids from different parts of the world, from Francisca in the mountains to Intisar in the desert, are feeling something right now. Can you tell what they are feeling by their facial expressions? The book encourages observation, empathy, dialogue, play and discovery. The large, sturdy board format makes it ideal for classroom  and library use. Ages 2-5 

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La emociones son comunes a todas las personas, no importa de qué parte del mundo sean o a qué cultura pertenezcan. Este delicioso libro les enseñará a los más pequeños a descubrir y reconocer las emociones en el otro, y los estimulará a expresar las suyas.

Catapulta Jr. (2021) Large Board Book 20p. 

ISBN 9789876377614  20 x 20 cm

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