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Juan Francisco Vascuñán/Valeria Cis

Celia. La niña que cantaba con las manos

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A story that brings attention to the reality of children living with some kind of disability. When Celia moves from Colombia to Chile to live with her aunt and uncle for a year, her new school doesn't know how to handle her being deaf. Her classmates and teachers can't communicate with her, she feels isolated. How Celia changes her reality and becomes an agent of change within her community is an inspiring story. Ideal for read aloud or one-on-one storytelling.

Celia es una niña sorda que migra de Colombia a Chile en busca de mejores oportunidades. Ella es alegre y optimista, pero al entrar al colegio se enfrenta a varios obstáculos que le impiden vivir como ella se ha imaginado: normalmente, sin discriminaciones. Ages 5-8

Planeta Sostenible (2019) Hardcover 40pp. ISBN 9789566050063

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