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Patricia Arias/Laura Borrás

El camino de Marwan

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El Camino de Marwan (Marwan's Journey) is filled with courage and memory. His memories take him far away, to his native land. Marwan is a child who, together with millions of other human beings, crosses seas and deserts, fleeing from war and hunger, in search of a new place to live. One step at a time, across a border, the sound of a maternal voice helps Marwan move forward on his road to freedom.

An important title, and a good one, to talk with children about refugees: who are they and why they leave their homes.

El Camino de Marwan está hecho de coraje y memoria. Muy lejos, en su tierra, viven sus recuerdos. Marwan es un niño que, junto a otros millones de seres humanos, atraviesa mares y desiertos, huyendo de la guerra y del hambre, en busca de otro lugar. Un paso y otro paso, una frontera, la voz materna y así camina Marwan, llevando el lector de la mano, rumbo a la libertad. Ages 8+

* New Horizons Honorary Mention Bologna Children's Book Fair 2017

Amanuta (2016) Hardcover 32 pp. ISBN  9789563640106

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