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Level 2: Empiezo a leer/Starting to Read

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This Level is ideal for first and second grade students who are eager to start reading by themselves. These books have one to two paragraphs per page, they include dialogue and large illustrations that advance the story. The brief text includes high-frequency words, and the stories are fun and light but they also allow for discussion.

You can request the order form from your teacher, or order the subscription here. When you place an order online, please include the following information in the *Add a Note to the Order* box: Name of the Child, Name of the School, Name of the Teacher, Interests of the child (what does he/she like to read about). If no school is associated with this membership, just write the name of the child. *Shipping charges will be added to orders not associated with partnering schools*

Deadline to participate: October 19, 2018

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