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Luces blancas
Carlos Alvahuante Contreras/Richard Zela

Luces blancas

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Amílcar is one of the smartest boys in middle school. But his personal life is in shambles: his older sister is constantly meddling in his life and he recently had a nasty fight with his best friend. When Amílcar finds a strange black sphere and discovers that, in an unusual way, it helps him get rid of the things and people that are bothering him, he decides to use it. But when his sister is taken away by the sphere, he feels remorse. He needs to save her.

A fascinating magical adventure. A page turner. The first title in a series. Ages 12+

Amílcar es uno de los chicos más inteligentes de la secundaria. Su mejor amigo, Guillermo, afirma poder comunicarse con extraterrestres y su hermana mayor, Valeria, lo hostiga inexplicablemente desde hace más de un año. Un día Amílcar encuentra una extraña esfera negra y descubre que, de manera insólita, lo ayuda a poner un alto al acoso que sufre. ¿Será un regalo de los extraterrestres? Amílcar logra develar el misterio, pero tendrá que enfrentar su propio lado oscuro.

Castillo (2017, 2nd ed.) Paperback 320 pp. ISBN 9786076211885

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