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Poptrópica 3: La sociedad secreta
Mitch Krpata/Kory Merritt

Poptrópica 3: La sociedad secreta

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In this exciting third installment of the Poptropica series, we find Mya, Oliver, and Jorge in the custody of a secret society whose mission is to protect and preserve Poptropica—a mysterious, uncharted island world. These Protectors, as they call themselves, believe that any outside interference with the islands of Poptropica could have catastrophic results on the course of history in the real world. The trio must join forces with the Protectors and find Octavian before he can go through with his evil plot, or all of human history might be changed—or worse—destroyed! Ages 7+ 

En este libro, tercera entrega de la serie Poptrópica, volvemos a encontrarnos a Oliver, Mya y Jorge, tres amigos cuyas aventuras mantienen al lector en vilo. Estos chicos siempre están ocupados intentando salir bien librados de los problemas que se les presentan y de las amenazas que ponen en riesgo su vida en las islas de Poptrópica.

Océano (2018) Paperback 120 pp. ISBN 9786075271125

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