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Pueblos indígenas del Noreste
Barbara M. Linde

Pueblos indígenas del Noreste

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A lot of what many people know about the native groups in the northeastern part of North America comes from colonial history. The Wampanoag met the Puritans as they made their home at Plymouth. The Powhatan group of the Algonquin people had a large role in the history of the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. However, the history of the native groups living in modern New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, and northern Virginia began long before European settlement! Readers meet several individual groups of native peoples and explore the distinguishing features of northeastern life, society, and customs. Historical images and full-color photographs help illustrate the lifestyles of these groups. Gr 2-5

Rosen (2017) Paperback 32pp. ISBN 978-1-4824-5262-4

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