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My Town / Mi Pueblo
Nicholas Solis / Luisa Uribe

My Town / Mi Pueblo

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In this bilingual picture book, cousins from opposite sides of the border visit each other’s towns and delight in their similarities and differences.
Two cousins live in two towns, separated by a river. But there is also a bigger divide—the US-Mexico border—which means they live in different countries. On the girl’s side, English is the main language, and on the boy’s it’s Spanish. The cousins love their towns, and they love visiting each other’s, where they notice some things are the same and some are wonderfully different, adding up to a vibrant world full of even more possibilities.

Author Nicholas Solis shows how border towns are special places, beautiful and dynamic, because two cultures can be better than one—and both cultures should be equally treasured and respected. Ages 3-7
Penguin (2022) Hardcover 32p. ISBN 9780593109915

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