Spanish-Language Books for Children
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Our Mission

We believe that if we want to succeed at raising bilingual readers, we need to offer them books that are a pleasure to read.

In other words, leer es divertido cuando el libro está bueno. Reading is fun when the book is good. If not, why bother. To that end, our mission is to build a Spanish-language collection that children of all ages will find fascinating. Our books are visually stimulating, thought provoking and culturally relevant. 

We have a diverse selection of original and hard-to-find board books, picture books, beginning readers, chapter books, comics and activity books. Our nonfiction titles explore topics popular with young readers, and a selection of Common Core-related material seeks to aid teachers in dual-language/immersion programs.

We work with publishers from Spain, Latin America and the United States to keep our selection as diverse as possible. We strive to bring authentic fiction that is hard to find in popular bookstores.

Where To Find Us

If you are in New York City and would like to see the collection in person, schedule an appointment and come to our showroom in Gowanus, Brooklyn (F, G, R lines, 4th Av/9th St station)Send us an email to come visit! 


Who's Behind This

I'm an Argentine mother and journalist raising two bilingual children in New York City. Many moons ago, while working as a Children's Book Editor at CRITICAS, I fell in love with the work of some publishing houses based in Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. At the time, I had an infant daughter and a toddler son, and the only books that resonated with me (the ones that I read over and over again), were the Spanish-language books that I was commissioning for reviews. We often don't realize how much children's literature is rich in cultural references: its humor, style, illustrations, the story itself... everything conveys specific scenarios and situations that are deeply rooted in the culture from which it originates. These books, most of which were originally written in Spanish, made me laugh out loud, sing, or make silly voices. They made me reconnect with something I found authentic and gave me a new appreciation for the language. 

Fast forward nine years later, those books are still hard to find in bookstores and online. So in May 2016, I decided to follow my passion for children’s literature and reconnect with the Spanish-language publishing industry to start an exciting collection of books that would make reading in Spanish engaging and exciting for Spanish-speaking families and educators. Because if we want to raise bilingual children, we do need Spanish-language books that are authentic, fun and relevant.

What's in a Name 

¡Chau, Luna! (Bye-Bye, Moon!) celebrates that magic moment in childhood when we discover that the moon is a loyal companion, a light that is always there, shining bright amid all the darkness. The good book, to me, is that light. *—Ximena Diego

* Claro que también tenemos una explicación más detallada.