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El zorro Chuleta
Sol Undurraga/Mujer Gallina

El zorro Chuleta

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Chop The Fox has a problem: he's a vegetarian and would love to play in the valley with other vegetarian friends. Afraid of being perceived as a menace, he disguises himself as a watermelon and approaches the group. A humorous, tender story with a satisfying ending. A tale that highlights the need we all have to be accepted and loved for who we are. Ages 4+

El zorro Chuleta es vegetariano y quiere jugar en el Valle de los Vegetarianos. Pero temeroso de no ser aceptado, se disfraza de sandía para poder jugar con sus amigos. Una historia tierna y divertida sobre la amistad y la importancia de ser uno mismo.

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Cataplum (2021) Hardcover 52pp ISBN 9789585241268  22x22 cm

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