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Quiero ser reina
Susana Peix/Dani Torrent

Quiero ser reina

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The warriors were ready for a new battle when Will, one of the soldiers, turned to their companions and said:

— I want to be queen!

— What are you talking about? — some of the soldiers laughed.

— That’s impossible! — one of them exclaimed — In any case, you want to be king!

«Never mind», thought Will, and didn’t mention it again.

But their mind was made up: they would not stop until it was done.

A story about gender identity, tenacity and bravery, with a whimsical twist. Ages 4-8

Los guerreros estaban preparados para un nuevo combate cuando Will, uno de los soldados, les dijo a sus compañeros: -íQuiero ser reina!

-¿Qué dices? -rieron algunos soldados.

-íEso es imposible! -exclamó uno de ellos-. íEn todo caso querrás ser rey!

«Tanto da», pensó Will, y no volvió a mencionarlo. Pero estaba decidido: no pararía hasta conseguirlo.

Triqueta Verde (2021) Hardcover 36p. ISBN 9788418687044

22 x 29 cm

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