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Una gran familia
Elisenda Roca/Rocio Bonilla

Una gran familia

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Come along with us as we explore this great neighborhood filled with many kinds of families!

Hi! I’m Violeta. I have a very mischievous dog named Cepillo. I am getting a party ready in our neighborhood with my friends. We have different families living in our neighborhood, but there is one thing that make us similar: we all help and love each other. We are one great big family. Do you want to join us? Ages 5-8

¡Hola! Soy Violeta. Tengo un perro travieso que se llama Cepillo. Con mis amigos y amigas estamos preparando una fiesta en el barrio. Aquí viven familias muy distintas. Pero hay una cosa que nos hace iguales: todos nos ayudamos y nos queremos. Somos una gran familia. ¿Nos acompañas?

Beascoa (2019) Hardcover 48 pp. ISBN 9788448852542


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