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Yo opino... ¿Debemos comer carne?
Andrés Pi Andreu/Héctor Borlasca

Yo opino... ¿Debemos comer carne?

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Should we eat meat? It is not an easy question to answer. The human being has eaten meat for thousands of years. However, some people say that eating meat causes many problems, both to our health, and in the environment. An omnivorous boy and a vegetarian girl express their opinion on the matter supporting it with several reasons, as it should be! GRL O

YO OPINO… (In My Opinion. . .) is an authentic Spanish multi-level children’s book series showcasing argumentative texts written by fictional elementary school students about a variety of topics that are relevant to today's kids. Written by award-winning Cuban-American author Andres Pi Andreu, this series is a unique product that supports the Language Arts standards by modeling for students the characteristics and elements of argumentative/opinion texts across all elementary levels. Each book presents one composition supporting each point of view—with reasons and facts according to standards.

Loqueleo (2021) Paperback 20 pp. ISBN 9781543333503

7" x 9"

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